1. Brain Injury Association of America Brain Injury Specific Resources-for information and referral for individuals living with brain injury co-occurring mental health- link to services anywhere in the country

2. Brain Injury Association of Maryland

3. Finding a Therapist

4. Maryland Pro Bono Counseling Services (no or low cost mental health services/referral to a licensed mental health professional)

5. Behavioral Health (mental health and substance use related services)
Washington DC Department of Behavioral Health
DC Help
DC Directory

6. Maryland Department of Health: Behavioral Health Administration

7. Maryland Association of Behavioral Health Authorities (MABH)

8 National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, (NAMI) 12. Crisis Information and Referral

9. Maryland Department of Health, Suicide Prevention

10. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

11. Maryland Access Point – Health & Support Services-for Older Adults and Individuals living with Disabilities